Live Fish Pump Test Facility

Land drainage and flood control pumping stations are key components of a country’s national infrastructure, protecting life, property and agriculture from (the at times) catastrophic threat of flooding.

Such pumping stations can present both a health risk an unwanted barrier to a number of migratory aquatic species, particularly the Eel, for which populations are in decline.

Working in conjunction with Hull Universitys, Hull International Fisheries Institute, Pumpflow Ltd are developing a state-of-the-art live fish pump testing facility in Manchester, England. This, believed to be the first such facility in the United Kingdom, will play a significant role in the enhancement of knowledge and in the future development of Fish Safe® products such as pumps, hydro turbines and valves.

Prior to the publication of NEN 8775 in May 2020, there was no clear definition of test procedures to prove fish safety of pumps and turbines. The test facility currently in development will follow the guidance set out in NEN 8775 and thus provide consistent statistical scientific data as to the performance of the equipment tested. This initiative can hopefully play a role in the future development of any United Kingdom standards for Fish Safe® hydraulic equipment.

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