An Evolution in Fish-Safe Pumping

Providing Safe Passaging to Migratory Fish

Help maintain biodiversity in perilous decline, with innovative "Fish-Safe" pumping solutions.

Tailored to specific site conditions or applications, we design and manufacture pumps which are suitable for land drainage and flood control applications.

Rotodynamic Pumps

Ideal where tidal conditions result in a significant variation in water levels on the discharge/outlet side of a pumping station.

Fish-Safe Rotor Pull-Out Pumps

For environments where health & safety is paramount and reliability is a prerequisite.

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Benefits of Innovative Fish-Safe Pull-Out-Pumps

  • No requirement for personnel to enter confined spaces to remove the pump after initial canister installation
  • Pull-Out options with no mechanical seal or packing gland, only a maintenance free controlled leakage device.
  • Surface mounted motor options with replenishable grease lubricated bearings offering 100,000 hours service life.
  • Retrofit solutions to match existing civil and mechanical infrastructure.

Characteristics of a Fish-Safe Pump

  • Restricts risk of dramatic pressure differentials & high rates of pressure change
  • Minimises shear forces caused by rapid flow acceleration or deceleration
  • Limits blade strikes by increasing blade thickness & limiting rotational speed
  • Reduces exposure to shearing between impellers & diffuser vanes
  • Minimises risk of pinching in gaps between rotating parts

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