Hydropower - Reverse Pumps as Turbines

Harvest between 5-200 kW's of Renewable Energy

Unlocking the enormous renewable energy potential from water emits no greenhouse gases or other pollutants.

Water used to generate energy is also returned to the environment, making this one of the most environmentally friendly forms of renewable energy.

Utilising our comprehensive range of rotodynamic pumps running in reverse, it is possible to deliver a sustainable source of renewable energy.

Pumps as Turbines (PaT’s) are most suited to micro energy projects between 5-200 kW’s.

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The Benefits of Hydropower Pumps

Renewable power

Utilise reverse running pumps as turbines (PaTs) for a sustainable energy source.

Bespoke engineered

We can design skid packages with PaTs, generators, bypass pipework & valving.

Energy capture

Electrical controls can efficiently take energy from water source to the grid.

Fish-safe option

Run of the river, high-flow & low-head solutions available using ‘Fish Safe’ pumps.