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An independent British pump development company, we are trusted by the biggest names in the oil, gas, water & environmental industries.

We use research and quantifiable performance testing, to develop and enhance the performance of rotodynamic machines, supporting: End Users, EPC’s and OEM’s alike.

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Our Bespoke Engineered Pumps

Centrifugal / Process Pumps

High Head Low Flow Pumps

Suspended Bowl Pumps

Electro-Submersible Bowl Pumps

Fish-Safe Pumps

Pumps as Turbines

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We are proud to be the UK’s largest independent pump testing & development facility

In-depth knowledge. Research & Development. Meticulous testing.

From concept to completion, we focus on these core principles to empower our team so they can deliver innovative solutions for any pumping application.

Designed, manufactured, tried and tested at our in-house testing bed - the largest privately-owned facility in the UK.

Pump Testing & Development

We prove pumps will operate correctly and efficiently before installation.

Knowledge & Know-how

We understand problems and provide solutions through data-driven testing.

Advise & Assist OEMs

We help OEMs overcome issues and maximise pump productivity.

Discover more about our Fish-Safe Pumps

Pumpflow Fish-Safe pump range has been developed and tested to provide the highest levels of fish safety

Ensure every aspect of your land drainage and flood control application is 100% compliant with fish-safe pumps designed for maximum safety.

Capable of lifting large volumes of water between 1-10m, we tailor pumps to fit existing infrastructure and environmental conditions.

  • Line Shaft
  • Electro-submersible

Our proven approach to pump engineering

Understanding Problems

Our experienced engineers use decades of hands-on pump knowledge to deliver practical solutions that are proven to work.

Research, Develop & Test

We conduct extensive research and use detailed test data to recommend pump improvements that can be quantified.

Innovative Technology

Our intelligent Q-Sight technology is a UK market leader – and we use the latest cutting-edge FEA & CFD software for every design.

Tailored Pump Solutions

Every pump solution we deliver is 100% bespoke to your requirements and will fit seamlessly within existing site constraints.

It’s time to transform your project with intelligent and AI-powered Q-Sight®

Understanding pump usage and operation is now easier than ever with Q-Sight®.

Our AI-powered flow rate tracking technology can analyse vibration, flow and location variables, using real-time feedback to make accurate predictions that will improve long-term pump performance.

Intelligent software to pinpoint problems and recommend engineering improvements. The future of pump optimisation today.

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