Preventative maintenance monitoring powered by AI

Know your pump’s operating point by accurately predicting flow-rate, without the need for on-site flow meters or pressure transducers

Welcome to Q-Sight® – the revolutionary non-intrusive method of condition-based performance and preventative maintenance monitoring for any pump application.

Using intelligent AI-powered technology, the energy profile of a pump, throughout its curve, is captured during performance testing and synchronised with corresponding pump performance data.

High-resolution vibration data is taken from a pump throughout its curve to form an energy profile which is synchronised with corresponding pump performance data. Our in-house software then identifies optimum features, and generates a tailored supervised machine learning model for the pump.

By inputting site vibration data into the model, we can accurately predict flow rate, providing the information needed to optimise pump operation.

The perfect, data-driven way to measure both the mechanical and economic health of any pumping installation

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The data-driven benefits of Q-Sight®

Measure performance

Accurately measure and record flow rates and/or pumped capacity levels.

Improve operation

Optimise efficiency via the intelligent control of Variable Frequency Drive.

Optimise control

Control a pump within its preferred operating range (POR)

Detect faults

Prevent downtime and provide early warning for mechanical defects.

Prevent damage

Identify pump blockages and prolong its lifespan by minimising strain.

Off-site monitoring

Benefit from continuous remote & local monitoring for smooth operation.