High Head/Low Flow Pumping Solutions

Reliably pump liquids against high heads at low flows

Our VBX Pumps are designed to be a more robust and reliable alternative to high speed centrifugal pumps.

Low flow high head centrifugal pumps are a niche and a difficult pump to perfect.

Our VBX units deliver class leading discharge heads within compact footprints. It is one of the only pumps available on the market to be suitable as a drop-in-replacement for high speed Sundyne LMV pumps.

The VBX model operates at synchronous motor speeds and also boast a true API-610  design methodology of being both axially and radially balanced.

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The Benefits of High Flow/Low Head Pumping Solutions

Overcome challenges

VBX pumps can easily pump liquids against high heads at low flows.

Robust & efficient

Two-stage back-to-back impeller pumps proven to be highly reliable.

Sundyne alternative

VBX pumps are a lower maintenance, replacement option for Sundyne pumps.

100% compliant

Designed & built to meet all API 610 12th Edition requirements.

Technical Specification

  • Heads up 650m At Synchronous 2 pole speeds with no high-speed integral gearbox.
  • VBX models fit as direct drop-in replacement for Sundyne OH6 type pumps.
  • Meets all requirements of API 610 12th Edition.
  • Designed variations, OH3, OH5 and Mag Drive.
  • Flowrates from 3m3/hr to 50m3/hr.

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