About us

Research & Development lies at the heart of everything we do.

To lead the way with the latest innovations in pump technology, it’s essential that we understand operational problems – and can learn how to solve them.

We live and breathe pump testing. Our experienced engineers enjoy adopting a solution-focused approach, and are passionate about pumping technology

Established in 2015, we simulate real-world conditions and conduct in-depth pump testing so that we can recommend data-driven performance improvements that are 100% quantifiable.

Working in partnership with the biggest names from the oil, gas, water & environmental industries, we continue to design and manufacture pioneering pumps for any application.

Our Ethos

A modern and dynamic pump development company, we are proud to own the largest independent pump testing capacity in the UK.

We continue to invest significantly in this test bed facility, and our intelligent AI-powered Q-Sight® software, because we believe data and integrity is fundamental to our future success.

The people we work with trust us because of it. And we repeatedly partner together on projects because our test bed provides insight that others manufacturers cannot.

We will continue to adopt this developmental approach, with research at its core, as we strive to keep setting the pace with pump technology.

Our proven approach to pump engineering

Understanding Problems

Our experienced engineers use decades of hands-on pump knowledge to deliver practical solutions that are proven to work.

Research, Develop & Test

We conduct extensive research and use detailed test data to recommend pump improvements that can be quantified.

Innovative Technology

Our intelligent Q-Sight technology is a UK market leader – and we use the latest cutting-edge FEA & CFD software for every design.

Tailored Pump Solutions

Every pump solution we deliver is 100% bespoke to your requirements and will fit seamlessly within existing site constraints.

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