Suspended Bowl Pumps

Suspended bowl pumps for maximum efficiency and reliability

Pumpflow can offer a full range of suspended bowl pumps from 5 m3/hr to 10,000 m3/hr for any fluid type.

As with all our pumps, we design for specific applications and can therefore incorporate any bespoke features required.

Designing pumps to utilise existing colunms or discharge head arrangements is a common request, along with drop-in-replacements for obsolete designs.

We manufacture our suspended bowl pumps in a wide range of materials from Cast Iron to full Super Duplex.  We also offer designs for full API-610 compliance or to ISO9906:2012 grade 1 performance tolerance.

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The Benefits of Suspended Bowl Pumps

Seamless global operation

We design & build pumps to international standards - including API 610 (VS1 & VS6). 

100% compliant

WIMES & ATEX compliant options available in a wide range of materials.

Highly-efficient flow

Produce flow rates between 5 - 10,000 m3/hr to suit specific speeds or applications.

New & retrofit pumps

Suspended Bowl Pumps can be tailored for new & retrofit applications.

Applications where pumps can be employed

  • Land Drainage & Flood Control
  • Water Treatment & Supply
  • Waste & Storm Water
  • Brackish & Sea Water
  • Cooling Water

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